Design work that makes your
audience take notice

Solutions to fit your budget

A level of professional integrity that
makes working together easy

Partnerships tailor-made
for your project


Kirkpatrick Design is dedicated to:

Doing work that matters, because there's nothing more important than helping to make positive change happen.

Working with integrity, because it's the right thing to do. Kirkpatrick Design is passionate about meeting deadlines, keeping promises, responding quickly to calls and e-mail, making good project management a priority, and being realistic about timing and budgets.

Building long-term relationships, because the trust and respect that grow over a long partnership are some of the biggest rewards of the job.

Operating flexibly, because every successful project is a collaboration between the client and the creative team.

Communicating clearly, because it's important for everybody involved in a project to know where it stands and what happens next.

Listening closely, because every effective design solution is born out of a series of thoughtful questions about the client's audience, objectives, and messages.

Sweating the small stuff, because the "little details" aren't so little when it's your project.